Couples Choose Their Favourite Wedding Photos

Each year I do a yearly round up post of my favourite wedding photos from the past year. 2020 was looking to be a great year but it turns out a global pandemic can change things a fair bit! I still photographed a handful of lovely intimate weddings, made all the more special by the fact the couples weren’t sure if they could happen or not… then the joy when they actually did!

This year I’ve decided to do a different kind of roundup. I’ve been in touch with clients from the past couple of years and asked them if they would share their personal favourite photos from their weddings with me. I’ve also asked why those particular photos mean the most to them.

It’s been really interesting for me to get a better understanding of what matters most to my clients. After all, you never stop learning!

Hopefully this will be an interesting perspective for couples looking to book their wedding photographer too. Showing that the kind of photos that can mean the most after the wedding aren’t necessarily the epic portraits, but often images of their loved ones and of little moments captured from their day.

So, without further ado, I’ll pass you onto some of my past couples…

Ella & Josh

I love this photo. It’s taken whilst our witnesses were signing the register (at a distance!) whilst we stood in the top corner of the Church. It was our first alone-ish moment and filled with happiness.

I love this one as I’ve never looked so much like a rock star (and never will). Great job Alex!

We always wanted to capture the natural moments of our day ahead of staged photos; this one of Josh’s family does just that.

This is my Dad, he’s camera shy so I love this one of him looking directly at the camera looking relaxed and happy whilst chatting to Josh’s friends.

This one perfectly sums up our MC who is the life and soul of any party.

This is my favourite picture and it pretty much speaks for itself!

This was a special moment, having not seen my Grandparents or Godchildren all year.

Our pooch is always happy to see us!



Siobhan & Howard

As you know, Howard has two boys from a previous marriage and their role in our wedding was very important. They’ve been so loving to me as their stepmother and they were really proud to be asked to be best men. They did a fantastic double act on the speech and this candid shot shows the fun that they and everyone had when they were in the spotlight.

This photo was taken just before we were announced into the marquee. We love it because it’s a fleeting moment where it was just the two of us and we could express our love and happiness to each other at being married.

Love this one where we are surrounded by family and friends but lost in our own little moment (again). This encapsulates the day for us – all of the people we love most in the world invited to a really fun celebration, with plenty of drinks and dancing.



Claire & Niall

Claire looks radiant during the exchange of vows; I feel this picture really captured the moment perfectly.

One of the first photos of us as a married couple, and captures how happy we were at that moment.

In this photo we can see everyone who is important to us, and it was lovely how my nephew ran forward to hold Claire’s hand.

I really like the colours, contrast and effects Alex has used in these two photos, I think it really highlights the mood and shows how much we were enjoying the day. Neither of us were particularly looking forward to being the centre of attention during our first dance, but this photo shows that we really did enjoy it.

After our plans to watch the 6 Nations Rugby during the reception had to be abandoned due to COVID, this photo captures the fun of the last-minute Wii-games replacement!

My nephew teaching my best man and brother how to floss! Captures the fun of the evening party for all ages!

When talking to Alex about our photos we said how much we liked the ones taken at night, and this photo was exactly what we were hoping for taken at the end of the best day ever.



Hayley & Tom

We love this one because it was towards the end of the day, the sun came out for a while and it’s a natural looking one which captured our favourite part of the setting, that being Kenilworth castle in the background.

This one is a cracker because it makes us laugh every time we see it. Our niece Nieve looking at Sue, another guest, as if she’s telling her to hurry along with her sweet selection!

I personally really like this shot because it makes me feel like I was there even though I obviously didn’t see the boys getting ready and heading to the church. There’s nothing like a snap of the groom with his groomsmen on their way to the church!

We love this shot as it captures the reason why we wanted to have a wedding in this field. Everyone thought we were absolutely mad and it wouldn’t work, but we pulled it off and not many people can say they had their wedding reception over looking Kenilworth Castle. The photo captures our wedding venue which essentially only now exists in our imagination, having been taken down within 12 hours of all the guests leaving!



Jem & Anish

Absolutely love this natural shot between my mum and I. Didn’t even realise Alex was there at the time as my mum was putting on the bracelet Anish bought for me. It was such a lovely relaxed start to the day as you can see from our smiley faces, and Alex just blended right in!

This was such a great photo of me with my best men in the lift of the Belfry before going to Shustoke. As great as all the natural shot are, it was fun doing some “posed” shots too!

We were full of laughs and giggles when we saw each other for our “first look”, it took all the suspense and nervousness away, and just for a few seconds it was like it was just the two of us! Alex captured this moment so perfectly & flawlessly.

Just after our first kiss as Mr & Mrs – pure happiness! Our ceremony truly was a celebration of love and showed how much we love F.r.i.e.n.d.s! We wrote our own vows, there was laughter and tears all round! It truly was full of giving, receiving, having and sharing….! We love this shot as not only can you see the cheesy smiles on our faces, but on our parents too!

This beautiful wooden door with glass frame was one of the reasons we fell in love with Shustoke as our wedding venue. Look how amazing this shot is! Alex was able to take this little comment in passing and turn it into a life long memory for us.

Who doesn’t love a good photo bomb!? Our guests were made to feel so comfortable around Alex and even the posed photos didn’t really feel posed or forced at all!

What a wonderful shot (not only of us!) but of all the other couples and the beauty of Shustoke!



Sam & Craig

bride hiding behind her bouquet in the church

The night before our big day there was an incident that lead to a trip to hospital and injury to my face, I joked that I would have to spend the day with my bouquet over my face, which I didn’t but I love that for the brief moment where I did that it was captured.

bride and groom arriving in a helicopter

My husband had spent a lot of time learning to fly before our wedding with only myself knowing, I love that we have so many photos to show his special new skill.

bride and groom arrival in vintage car

Prior to the wedding my Dad spent A LOT of time renovating this car, which we were lucky enough to be able to use as our wedding car. This photo captures the fun of our day, despite the drizzly weather which did not stop us.

wedding guests laughing during the reception

This image captures the fun and relaxed atmosphere of our day, we just wanted everyone to have a good day which I think we all did.

night time bride and groom portrait

We are very lucky to live right by the river and marina and I love lights so I love this photo. Towards the end of the day Alex took us away for some special photos of the two of us and absolutely adore all of these photos. The day was so busy, we planned the wedding ourselves and there was a lot of work that went into it for the days, weeks and months before so it was lovely to have this time away from people to reflect on the day.



Jess & Duds

Dad seeing me in my dress for the first time; I love how you have caught his reaction and also how you can see me in the mirror!

Such a natural shot of Duds and his lovely grandma.

This photo makes me emotional every.single.time I look at it! I remember this moment vividly, just stepping around the corner and seeing Duds at the alter, lovely!

Up there with my all time favourites! Just so much natural laughter and happiness – a true reflection of exactly how we felt, and I genuinely do not remember these photos being taken at all!

This is one of Duds’ favourite photos because I am looking up at him during his speech with eyes full of love and pride…which is exactly how I felt!

Pure emotion caught on camera from my beautiful sister and maid of honour.

Just WOW!! What a corker of a photo! Love everything about it, our lovely mini, the 2 of us, and the stunning backdrop of Cider Mill Bars. My friends have said they could see this on the front of a bridal magazine! Love this so much.

Such a relaxed, happy and natural shot of us looking at our friends and family.



Julie & Ben

This captures the love and joy of our friends with the air not only filled with confetti but enjoyment.

We choose this as it captures us. Natural and enjoying ourselves, laughing and smiling as we enter the wedding breakfast.

The balcony/sky photo we chose for the dramatic colours and beautiful build of the Lord Leycester Hospital. We love how different this is.



Sian & Kev

Love the lake in the background and the photo shows the detail on the back of the dress.

I love this photo of my nieces having a brilliant time on the dance floor, its so natural.

Love this photo as we’re not posing, we loved the natural photos.



Bina & David

This selection of photos sums up a beautiful day, Alex managed to capture so many intimate moments, and whenever we look back over them they really bring the day back to life. The happiness, emotion and colour are all clear to see, and we find something new every time we leave it k back on them.



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