My Approach To Wedding Photography

Only one word to describe Alex, AMAZING! His photos are magnificent and booking him was the best decision we made for our wedding!

Jem & Anish


Two Photographers

I always prefer to work with a second photographer alongside me on full day wedding bookings. There are so many advantages to this. I can’t be in two places at once but between us we can be. We can cover the getting ready part of the day for both you and your partner. During the ceremony it’s possible to capture moments such as you walking down the aisle, AND your partner’s face as they turn to see you. And, this is a massive one for me, it allows me to take my time, patiently waiting to capture the best moments rather than feeling like I have to rush from one place to another as I know anything else that is happening is covered.

I work with a few regular second photographers, they’re always people I know and can trust to produce the same high quality images as you would expect from myself.

Capturing the Love and Happiness

As you can see from the images on my website, I’m not a traditional wedding photographer. My style is very much documentary – capturing the fun, the happiness, the emotions, along with all the little details, whilst allowing your day to flow naturally. I want you to enjoy your day, not feel like it’s one big photoshoot! This way you can have a great time celebrating with friends and family whilst I capture amazing images that really tell the story of your wedding day.


You won’t find me going around asking people to “say cheese”, that’s for sure! Couples often say that they don’t even notice me being there most of the day as I just blend in with their friends and family enjoying the day. This doesn’t mean I’m some kind of ninja hiding away, I’m always around, shooting the moments as they happen and working hard to capture amazing photos for you. When couples do see me, I’m that friendly face and that calming influence sometimes needed on a hectic wedding day.

Creative Portraits

I’m not a purist documentary wedding photographer as I do like to setup a few shots of you together as a couple. I don’t like to get all posey, just placing you in the right light and setting and keeping it as natural as possible we can create some beautiful portraits for you! It can also be a nice opportunity for you to spend ten to fifteen minutes away from your guests and take it all in. I also love to create a few dramatic night time portraits, once the sun has gone down, to give you some epic photos to proudly display on your wall at home.

Family Group Shots

I do shoot family group shots and see them as an important part of your day. However, I would always advise you carefully consider how many to have and recommend keeping it to 10 or fewer. The less time standing in front of my camera, the more time you’ll get to enjoy celebrating with friends and family. I will always discuss which shots you would like with you beforehand so you don’t have worry about family politics on the day!


Enquire About My Availability

If this sounds like what you’re looking for and you love my work then please get in touch to see if I’m available on your wedding date!

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