About Me

So, about me…

I’m a cat lover and a coffee drinker with a real passion for music and photography… the latter being handy considering my job!

If your wedding contains good music, good coffee or anything cat related then it already sounds awesome to me! To be honest though, as long as your wedding is all about you, your friends and your family having a great time, I’d love to be there to capture it for you!

My Van…

After hiring one for a few holidays I finally bought my VW Campervan a few years ago. It’s kitted out with the essentials, a nice big full width bed and a fridge! So when I find time to go away around the summer weddings it’ll probably be to campsite on the coast somewhere.

Meet Dylan!

He’s my fluffy little Norwegian Forest cat and when I’m not shooting weddings I’ll probably be photographing him.

So if you have any pets with you on the day, maybe during the getting ready stage in the morning or perhaps as a ring bearer, Id love to capture some images of them for you!

my cat Dylan in the winter sunshine