Micro Weddings, Warwickshire and Beyond!

I love micro weddings! I always thought they wouldn’t be as much fun to photograph as there are less people and maybe less things immediately obvious going on. How wrong I was!

What is a micro wedding?

So, what’s a micro wedding? Pretty much exactly as it sounds, a small, often scaled down wedding. With COVID-19 putting an end to the majority of big weddings last year, many couples opted to go ahead as planned but with smaller numbers. Although the uncertainty was a undoubtably a massive stress that wasn’t needed for couples planning their big day, I feel it made the weddings that went ahead even more special. When the day had finally arrived, there was so much relief and happiness that their day could finally happen! It was such a honour to be there to photograph all these emotions.

Intimate Weddings

Smaller weddings are so special as the family and guests there are all those people that mean the most to the bride and groom. They are such intimate occasions and if you look hard enough there are always special moments to be captured. After all, the most important part of a wedding is the people!

Photograph Those Memories

You might want to scale back on some costs but with either big or small weddings, photographs to look back on and remember the day such an important investment. I’m bound to say that, I know. But it’s so true. Your flowers will only last a few days, you’ll eat your cake, but your photos will always be there to look back as a reminder of an amazing day.

Here’s a selection of photos from micro weddings last year…

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